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We are looking for new members who can grow with us.
Kojima Sohonten is looking for brewing staffs and sales promotion staffs. We will post detailed information about job category and application guideline. Please feel free to check them out if interested.

Recruitment Message

Thank you for your interest in careers at Kojima Sohonten.

Since first established here in the Azuchi Momoyama era, we have consistently engaged in sake brewing. It has not always been easy road for us, a small brewer of the luxury grocery item, sake. Yet, with many supports and pioneers’ efforts, we have continued our business for more than 400 years.

This long history is our great asset and an important mirror to look back and reevaluate ourselves at all times. Considering our pioneers’ steps, we should seriously keep questioning ourselves what we aim for in this modern days.

In 2015, with replacement of the president, we established new company policy based on the past management philosophy. The new policy states three things; where we are going, what we aim for, and our basic belief.
We are looking for people who relate to our company policy and are motivated to grow up and give 100% with our goal and perspective.

【Kojima Sohonten Company Policy】

1. We always create and provide the first-class products and services to Japan and the world to contribute to establishment of people’s cultural, rich lives.

2. We make every endeavor for a right business administration which unifies employees’ happiness, business progression, and social responsibilities through all of our employees’ human growth.

3. We embody mutual prosperity with the community, social harmony, and co-living with nature based on royalty, appreciation, and humility.

We are a small brewery and still need improvements. However we are willing to move forward step by step with these beliefs.
We are sincerely waiting for applications from people who wish to be a member of Kojima Sohonten and grow with us.

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