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Toko Brewery

About Toko Brewery

Tohoku’s largest sake brewing museum, Toko Brewery.
Please enjoy touring the long-operated “Michinoku-no-Brewery” and tasting rare Toko sake.

The sake brewing museum, “Toko Brewery” is located just a couple minutes away from Kojima Sohonten and is the largest sake brewing museum in Tohoku.
In the museum, the elegant atmosphere will take you back to a Meiji era brewery. And at the sake shop adjoining the museum, you can enjoy tasting and shopping for Toko products.

The brewery was reformed version of the Kura where we actually had brewed sake and its 140 tsubos (1 tsubo = 3.3 m2) big Kura makes you feel like you’re back in time brewing yourself.

Our spacious, classic Kura is known as a filming spot for movies and famous foreign cosmetic’s commercials.
The main building of the brewery was built with the traditional method where no nail was used; it is a historical building which modern techniques cannot reproduce.

Our Emperor and Emperess visited here, and the owner Yazaemon Kojima escorted them in the past.
You can see the photos from that event in the museum.

About Toko Brewery Visit

Hours 9am – 4:30pm
Entrance fee
Adults Junior high and high school students Elementary school students
Individual 350 yen 250 yen 150 yen
Group 300 yen 200 yen 100 yen

* Including tax. Group is 20 and more people.
* For a group of 50 and more, please contact us in advance.

Closed days Closed on December 31st and January 1st
Other ・Please enter before 30 minutes of closing.
・We have a tasting section and shop (Brewery Outlet).
・Please feel free to let our staff know if you need any assistance for wheelchair.


Brewing Museum Toko Brewery

2-3-22 (Yanagi-machi Ue-dori) Omachi
Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture 992-0031
TEL 0238-21-6601
FAX 0238-24-0408
Toll-free 0120-27-6601

Business hours_9:00am – 4:30pm

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_By car

50 minutes from Tohoku Expressway “Fukushima-Iizaka Interchange” * Five parking spots for large buses and 30 for cars

_By trains

Six minutes driving from Yamagata Shinkasen “Yonazawa Station” * The city circular bus is also available from Yonezawa Station
5 minutes driving from Yonesaka line “Minami Yonezawa station”

Detailed map (For printing: PDF) *Only in Japanese

Purchasing sake

You can purchase Toko brand sake at “Brewery Outlet” adjoining the museum.
We’re waiting for your visit.
We also have online store for your shipments.