Brewery Outlet

Adjoins the Brewing Museum “Toko Brewer”
Sake shop under the direct management of Kojima Sohonten
At our brewery’s outlet, you can taste and pick your favorite Toko from our vast collections. We also offer you the homemade sake lees pickles, koji, and sake lees only available at this outlet. There are limited quantity items that are not commonly sold at the normal retainers depending on seasons (We do not sell the limited sake that are only available at special dealers).

About our outlet

At the sake shop inside our outlet adjoining the Brewing Museum “Toko Brewer”,
you can enjoy tasting our selections – from Toko classics to the high-class sake – while shopping with your personal guide.

We have a free tasting collection of various kinds of sake including the outlet’s exclusive sake.
You can also taste the high-class sake and awards-winning sake which you usually don’t get to try at reasonable price,
so you will be able to find your favorite one.

In addition to sake, we offer you the brewery’s homemade sake lees pickles, koji, sake lee, snacks for sake and rice, and cosmetics.
It’s a family friendly place where even non sake drinkers and children can enjoy.

Please come visit us, we might have the limited quantity items that are not commonly sold at the normal retainers depending on seasons.

No entrance fee to shop at our sake shop.
You’ll only need to pay the entrance fee for our exhibitions.


Sake Shop adjoining the Brewing Museum “Toko Brewer”

2-3-22 (Yanagi-machi Ue-dori) Omachi
Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture 992-0031
TEL 0238-21-6601
FAX 0238-24-0408
Toll-free 0120-27-6601

Business hours_9:00am – 4:30pm

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_By car

50 minutes from Tohoku Expressway “Fukushima-Iizaka Interchange” * Five parking spots for large buses and 30 for cars

_By trains

Six minutes driving from Yamagata Shinkasen “Yonazawa Station” * The city circular bus is also available from Yonezawa Station
5 minutes driving from Yonesaka line “Minami Yonezawa station”

Detailed map (For printing: PDF) *Only in Japanese