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Our kome koji amasake series won the “Excellent Design Award” at Yamagata Excellent Design 2021

We are very proud to announce that Kojima Sohonten’s Kome Koji Amasake series won the “Excellent Design Award” at “Yamagata Excellent Design 2021”, which selects the best designs in Yamagata.

88 items (72 companies) were exhibited. Out of these, a total of 16 items were selected as excellent designs, and 8 companies and 2 organizations that are expected to play an active role in future efforts of the prefecture were selected as incentive companies.
We hope that the award will give you more opportunities to find this product.

For details, please see Yamagata Prefecture’s design information site “Yamagata Design” by the Design Group of the Cooperation Support Department of the Yamagata Industrial Technology Center.

About Kome Koji Amasake
A drinkable type amazake smoothie. The vitamins from amazake along with blessings of vegetables and fruits are combined to create a light drink that is full of nourishment. It is non-alcoholic and contains no sugar, fragrances, colorings or preservatives.
Please purchase from the Amasake brand site.